martedì 29 maggio 2012

Our wines

"A place of art and culture run with loving care by Silvia and Simona Maestrelli with the good advice of Federico Curtaz, Villa Petriolo represents one of the few safe havens in an area with not very significant suggestions for our Guide. Now increasingly committed in the Sicilian adventure of the Tenuta di Fessina, emerging reality of the island, the owners never fail to stand out in the regional red wines landscape. Chianti Rosae MnemoSis 2009 is at the top of the appellation of origin, complete synthesis of body, measure and quality / price ratio. L’ Imbrunire 2010 (literally ‘the Dusk’) is one of the most accomplished performances on the theme of Canaiolo grapes. Pleasant and drinkable Chianti 2009 "(Guide Vinibuoni 2012). ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ " Rosae MnemoSis '09 Chianti conquers the final. A wine with fresh, fruity and floral scents of cherry and brush land. In the mouth the attack is soft, relaxed, the acidity is important but well balanced; the final is full and extended. L’Imbrunire '10, 100% Canaiolo, has enticing aromas of berries and notes of aromatic herbs. The taste seems very relaxed, soft, just a little thin. Drinkable the Chianti' 09, while the Golpaja '08, Sangiovese and Merlot, is powerful but has a nose yet to be defined. " (Guide Gambero Rosso Italian Wines 2012). __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "VITA_ Villa Petriolo was built around 1500 with the same brick originated in the Golpaja, also used for the Medici Villa of Cerreto Guidi. Moreno Maestrelli bought the house in 1968 as a countryhouse, then became passionate about vineyards; but only in 1992, when the daughters Silvia and Simona took up the farm, the winery started the production of quality wines. The meeting with the agronomist and enologist Federico Curtaz, in 2006, projected this reality in the category of excellence in the area. VIGNE_ In the estate of 110 hectares, the vineyards surround the house; the soil is a mixture of clay and sandstone. The training system of the vines are spurred cordon and guyot, at an altitude of 150-200 meters. 70% of the plants is Sangiovese, Merlot and the rest is Canaiolo. 5,000 square meters were planted with Barbera and Petit Verdot. Malvasia and Trebbiano grapes are used for Vin Santo. All work on the vine are hand made. VINI_ Federico Curtaz determines the selection in vineyard and cellar and the wines are distinguished by the freshness and coherence with local values. Good L’Imbrunire 2010 (Canaiolo, bt 1200, 17 €), with intense and spicy aromas; it is immediate, easy to drink. An unusual wine. Greater expression of 100% Sangiovese is Rosae MmemoSis 2009 (6000 bt, 17 €), characterized by a brilliant ruby red, spicy and fruity aromas of cherries. The taste is delicate and balanced. A wine to drink with relish, very elegant, fine and pleasant. Traditional the Chianti Villa Petriolo 2009 (30.000 bt: 8 €), fruity in the mouth. Good everyday wine. Deep colors and scents of spices in Golpaja 2008 (Sangiovese, Merlot: 6,000 bt: 17 €), of good and pleasant drink; the final is pleasantly balsamic "(Slow Wine Guide 2012). _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ "After a period marked by a dignified, but eventually, perhaps discouraging, routine production, the sisters Maestrelli have found the key to trigger a renewed enthusiasm. Today Villa Petriolo, and consequently its wines, burst with energy and vitality, and every release arouses curiosity and interest. Chianti DOCG Rosae Mnemosis 2009 17,5 / 20 bt. € 6000 11/13 "Chianti of the Year" Natural colors and perfumes, beautiful play between fruity scents and savory taste; sweet and soft, in the harmonious finish it slightly brings out the alcohol. Golpaja 2008 16,5 / 20 Sangiovese, Merlot bt. € 6000 11/13 Original scents of spices and mint; it has a soft taste, well spread, with a lingering and pleasant finish Chianti 2009 15,5 / 20 bt. € 45000 7/8 L’ Imbrunire 2010 14,5 / 20 Canaiolo bt. € 3000 10/11 " (L'Espresso Italian Wine Guide 2012).

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