martedì 22 gennaio 2013

The “Palmento” of Tenuta di Fessina

The “Palmento” of Tenuta di Fessina, constructed in lava stone during the eighteenth century for the sole purpose of treading the grapes and fermenting the ‘mosto’ (unfermented juice), was used for wine production until 2000. A peculiar characteristic in the manufacture of the Palmento, beyond the use of the lava stone, is to be constructed so as to have, in the vinification process, the force of gravity, without using any lifting equipment of the liquid. All the architectural features of its previous use have been left intact: the hall to the Palmento is spacious and full of signs of the old wine making production: the thick walls of the ‘collectors’ for the ‘mosto’, the lava stone vats sunk into the floor to collect the ‘mosto’, the screw press… We hope soon to make available the visit of the underground treasure for all winelovers of Tenuta di Fessina!

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