giovedì 14 marzo 2013

The fascination of wine…

“The fascination of wine lies here: in this irrational and changing vitality, not different from a living organism”. (By Mario Soldati, “Vino al vino”). In Sicily, Tenuta di Fessina was purchased in 2007 by Silvia Maestrelli, her husband Roberto Silva and the agronimist- oenologist Federico Curtaz. About 7 hectares of 80/100 years old vineyards of Nerello Mascalese on the Etna slopes. They fell in love with Sicily, land of extraordinary historical, cultural and natural beauty. Silvia Maestrelli. “Making wine for me means continuing a family tradition. Villa Petriolo at Cerreto Guidi (Florence, Tuscany) belongs to my family since 1960. Identity is important, and it is tied to our territory of origin, that is the Montalbano hills, rich in culture and history”. At Tenuta di Fessina she would like to give a new interpretation to Sicilian wines. Their objective is elegance; the protagonist is the terroir, Sicily, with its land and vineyards, its sun and the colors of its dawns and sunsets. Federico Curtaz. He defines himself ‘humanist of wine’, because wine is sign and expression of civilization, it contains the memory of men and reflects their complexity. In a bottle of wine there are the souls of the man and the place that have generate it. “I believe that working in the vineyards is a question of balances. What is important is the soil, with its potentialities, its qualities but also its limits. We have to respect nature, without trying to modify it”. Born in Valle d’Aosta, he has been living in Piedmont for a long time, working in the wine sector for more than twenty years. He studied as Agriculture technician and then attended refresher and specialization courses in Italy and abroad. He worked for many years at Gaja in Piedmont. With the purchase of Tenuta di Fessina Federico, now 50 years old, has entered a new phase of his life. “Tenuta di Fessina is the deepest experience for me. The Etna has been a discovery. There, among the rocks that evoke my origins in Val d’Aosta, I feel at home.” “These are without question the finest wines I have tasted from Tenuta di Fessina, a new estate that is moving in the right direction. Federico Curtaz, who made his name managing Angelo Gaja’s vineyards is the winemaker. Tenuta di Fessina is one of the most exciting emerging properties in the Etna landscape.” (by Antonio Galloni, The Wine Advocate #205, February 28, 2013)

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