venerdì 13 settembre 2013

Exceptionally high freshness and minerality from the volcanic soil of Mount Etna…Tenuta di Fessina and Handpicked Wines Sweden

From Handpicked Wines Sweden: “(…) about our tasting we had end of August. It was a great day and people really love the wines we are working with. We are very happy and proud to represent your wines in Sweden. We had about 300 visitors (100 within the trade such journalists, HORECA and Systembolaget)”. “Sicily_ We have become accustomed to wines from Sicily often characterized by heat and not infrequently that one can wonder about some wineries hygiene which may lead to some defects in the wines. Not so here. All the wines felt clean and with exceptionally high freshness for the area and minerality from the volcanic soil of Mount Etna. Try the Fessinas A’ Puddara Etna Bianco 2011, or the Erse 2011. The latter is made from the very local grapes nerello mascalese and nerello cappuccio . The result is very similar to a pinot noir wine from Burgundy. Lingonberry fruit and a lot of freshness, a long finish. Vineyards on the slopes of the Etna volcano”. Congratulations and thanks to our importer Handpicked Wines Sweden! _Handpicked Wines Sweden AB_ Printz väg 19_ SE-142 66 Trångsund_ SWEDEN_ Fax: +46 8 508 531 00_ Phone: +46 8 510 691 00_ Mobile: +46 70 666 92 98_ Skypeid: margareta_klunk_

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