sabato 12 ottobre 2013

La Cucina Italiana: for lovers of wine, stocking up at home. Reasonably priced wine that will impress your friends…ERSE, Etna DOC Tenuta di Fessina

La Cucina Italiana, nov. 2013: “GET STARTED. For lovers of wine, there are few things as exciting as stocking up at home but that can be intimidating for beginners. Don’t hesitate to dive right in, tough, and pick up a case at your local wine merchant. Here’s how we break down our Italian started case. You can make your own substitutions and build on these categories: 1 RED AND 1 WHITE REASONABLY PRICED WINE THAT WILL IMPRESS YOUR FRIENDS. HAWE TWO BOTTLES EACH FROM THE SAME PRODUCER FOR LARGER GATHERINGS. Tenuta di Fessina, ERSE, Etna Rosso, Sicily, 2010: Red wines from Etna Rosso are deceptively light for the bold and delicious flavors of fruit and mineral they pack, 23$”

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