sabato 24 maggio 2014

A’Puddara&Oysters. Fessina’s wine tour and tasting 2014

“I could hear the stars’ crazy heart beating…between the perennial snows of the mountain top and the fire of the volcano” The winelovers will be guided to discover Contrada Moscamento’s centenary “alberelli” (little trees) , in Rovittello (Castiglione di Sicilia), at sunset, for a touring aperitif with ERSE Bianco 2013 vintage, Etna DOC (blend Carricante, Minnella, Catarratto), among the authentic natural sculptures of vines and the dark dry stone walls and Etna’s typical terraces. After the tour around the vinification cellar and the old wine cellar made with lava stone, peak of the wine tour with an incursion into the real Fessina’s treasure chest , the 18th-century “palmento” (the old winery with millstone) with the big “chianca” still intact, very charming, even though it is currently under renovation.
The wine tasting dinner will take place on the outside, at the vineyard-side , at sunset. The “wine of the stars”, dedicated to the Pleiades rising above the top of Etna in summertime, and the seafoods of the OysterBar L’Acquario Degustazione in Giardini Naxos: A’Puddara&Oysters. Il Musmeci Bianco 2012, Fessina’s second cru Carricante, Etna DOC Bianco Superiore, in combination too. Under the stars, the “vertical” tasting of Il Musmeci Rosso Riserva, cru of Nerello Mascalese 2007, 2008, 2009 vintages), which grows from Fessina’s eldest “alberelli” (little trees), will be accompanied by a very fresh and typical main course, made with fish.

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