mercoledì 8 maggio 2013

IL MERCATO provide the best quality food. Our wines of Tenuta di Fessina in Australia

Fessina Etna Bianco A’ Puddara Powerful wine of incredible finesse. Huge flavour with sparkly acidity – I would not pick this as Sicilian wine. Up there with Grand Cru Burgundy for structure and length. Such long flavour. The best white wine we sell. Fessina Nero d’Avola Ero Everyone liked the generosity which was not tainted by new oak. Nice and chubby and full of prune, plum, raisin and spice. This is how more Nero d’Avola should be. I loved how it finished with great acidity Fessina Etna Rosso Erse Very interesting… Light after the Ero, but lots of perfume like rose and bright, sweet red fruit. It’s great how they’ve given it such a different character to Il Musmeci. Like the Bianco, it has an incredible amount of flavour but it lovely, light and delicate. Fessina Etna Rosso Il Musmeci I think this wine will transform the way people think about Etna. As good as many Burgundies or Baroli/Barbaresco, but a more approachable character. I would love to see this wine in 5 or 10 years, but now it is just beautiful. The tannin is like silk. I haven’t tried many Etna wines because there aren’t many around Australia, but I would think this is one of the best that’s produced. The wines are awesome. Thank you very much for this. Ciao, John” Thank you very much, John! :Silvia: IL MERCATO email: Our philosophy is simple – Provide the best quality food. A family business with forty (40) years of experience. Our store stocks a huge selection of cheeses and antipasto; a wide range of oils and vinegars; a sumptuous selection of imported biscuits, chocolates and torrone; and an assortment of organic foods. There’s also plenty of fabulous kitchenware to accompany your food selection. We can provide a platter of the very best cheeses and antipasto for all your entertainment needs. You can also choose from an exciting selection of lavish hampers perfectly suited for any occasion. The expansion in 2005 has resulted in an ability to stock up to 10 times more of each product type and diversify the range of services. John and the Mercato family have continued to be innovative in their approach to the business, developing new concepts such as in-store cooking classes, On The Go readymade restaurant quality meals and an on-site bakery. The store continues to secure national and local distribution rights for premium products and was licensed for liquor in March 2009. Another proactive approach has been the development of Mercato On The Road, a wholesale arm of the business. At Mercato we believe the old Italian proverb “A tavola nessuno diventa vecchio”(At the table no one grows old), so much so that we have dedicated ourselves to providing the best selection of local and imported fine foods to our customers.

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