sabato 5 ottobre 2013

ERSE White, new Etna DOC of Tenuta di Fessina, is already available!

_ERSE, Etna DOC Bianco, 2012 vintage, Tenuta di Fessina_ Our centennial vineyards stretch across the sloping fields of Milo and Santa Maria di Licodia, between Mt Etna top and the Ionian Sea. From their bush-trained vines the Doc Etna Bianco ERSE is produced, blending Carricante with indigenous grape varieties such as Minnella and Catarratto. ERSE, vinified in stainless steel tanks, is our interpretation of a variety which has been considered for a long time a “deluxe” minor wine grape, due to its remarkable characteristics of freshness and longevity. Destiny has it that, on Etna, the various vineyards produce very diverse wines, produced by soils and micro-environments so particular as to render them unique. Milo was born on the volcanic landslides that fell into the sea some 10,000-15,000 years ago: the dark lands of Milo are made up of a mixture of detritus in many differentiated layers, produced by the decay of the volcano and an extraordinarily rich source of nutrients for the grapevines. Denomination: ETNA DOC Bianco Varietal: Carricante 80%, Minnella and Catarratto 20% Agronomist: Federico Curtaz Oenologist: Federico Curtaz Tasting notes. Colour: Straw yellow with green nuances; Nose: delicate, elegant, fruity; Taste: Pleasantly fresh, salty and harmonious. Characteristics of production land. Production area: Milo and Santa Maria di Licodia; Area under vine: 2,5 ha.; Year of vineyards planting: 1920; Exposure: Sud; Altitude above the sea level: 1000 meters; Type of soil: dark and sandy, with skeleton grain and volcanic hash, typical of the Etna lava flows; Vine density: 6.000 plants per hectare; Training system: alberello; Harvest: October, 20; Yield. per hectare: 70 ql.; Harvest technique: by hands using perforated crates, after a careful selection of grapes in the vineyard and in the cellar. Vinification and ageing Crushing: Soft; Fermentation: in stainless steel at controlled temperature; Fermentation temperature: 12°/14°; Yearly average production: 6.500 bottles 0,75 l.; Alcohol content: 12°/13°.

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